Ehud Tokatly

Born in Israel, Ehud Tokatly is a writer, editor, translator, media expert, educator, software & Internet developer and entrepreneur.

His father's family has lived in Jerusalem for seven generations. His mother escaped from Germany just before the holocaust.

Following his military service, he studied theatre at Tel Aviv University, and film & television in Harrow College of Higher Education, as well as Judaic studies at the Dvar Yerushalayim Yeshiva, in London, UK.

He wrote more than 100 scripts for producers in Israel and abroad.

His 1988 children's book The Lost Children of Tarshish (with co-writers S. and J. Klitsner) was published in Israel, the US and Russia.

In the 1990's, he co-founded MovieStar Systems Ltd. -- a start-up company that developed software tools for the media production industry.

In 2002, he published a modern adaptation of Herzl's famous utopia - Altneuland.

He lives in Jerusalem with his wife, daughter and two sons.

About the Community Democracy

Read about the Community Democracy in Ehud Tokatly's utopia "The New Altneuland"

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