A Comment By Ehud Tokatly

No Peace With Terror!

They say: How long can you go on with the cycle of violence?

I say: As long as they try to kill us! Some wars are longer than others. Those who lose patience will be the first to die.

They say: But you have not stopped terror!

I say: So what? Do you stop the police fighting crime because there are always more criminals?

They say: We don't want to pay the price of your conflict!

I say: You have rewarded those who killed Israelis. You gave one of them the Nobel Peace Prize. Did you think they wouldn't reach your own homes?

They say: We cannot fight forever. Let us talk.

I say: Fine. Start talking. What will you say to their demands? Will you give up liberty and democracy and accept their distorted version of religion?

They say: How can you say that you want peace, if you support this war?

I say: War against terror IS peace. We can make peace with people who want it, once the forces of hatred and murder lose the battle!

Ehud Tokatly, 29/April/2004

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