A Comment By Ehud Tokatly

Is This Democratic Justice?

Now that the committee has done its job, let us take a look at the list of candidates to Israel's Supreme Court: Edna Arbel, Salim Jubran, Prof. Michael Corinaldi, Prof. Ruth Gabison, Hila Gerstel, Bilha Galor, Prof. Shalom Lerner, Elyakim Rubinstein, Esther Hayut, Dvora Berliner, David Cheshin, Dr. Oded Mudrick, Jonathan Adiel, Shmuel Yelinek and Hanan Meltzer.

Question: Assuming that the branches of a democratic government represent society, in terms of both values and culture, which segment of Israel's population currently constitutes 86% of our society?

The correct answer is obvious: the "secular Ashkenazim". As we all know, both the Arabs and the religious Jews represent only 7% each, while there is not even a single Jew of Oriental origin currently living in Israel. Or perhaps there are a few of those, but none of them has been elevated to the level of enlightment required for this lofty position.

Welcome to the only democracy in the Middle East.

Ehud Tokatly, 13/May/2004

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