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Make Peace!

Many good people all over the world want to contribute to the cause of peace. Some of them write articles and march on demonstrations, and some are even prepared to go to war zones and help the victims. Yet, some of these dedicated volunteers are led by various organisations to take actions that are counterproductive.

Take for example the ISM - International Solidarity Movement. The people who are sent by the ISM to help Palestinians are described in the media as "peace activists". But the ISM does not even try to hide its real task - its solidarity goes only to Palestinian Arabs.

Its URL is 'palsolidarity.org' and its web site shows only anti-Israel facts and views. There is no hint of PLO tyranny or Arab terrorism.

Naturally, the ISM and similar groups are perfectly entitled to struggle for the cause of the Palestinians, but are they really working for peace? Being pro-Arab is fine, but does it have to mean hating Israel? If their only solution is to dismantle the Jewish State, who do they want to make peace with?

The same point is true about pro-Israeli groups: Must they be anti-Arab? If one denounces terror, must one support unjust oppression?

The answer is obvious: Those who support only one of the sides can only intensify the conflict. One-sided activists are not envoys of peace but dangerous warmongers. To achieve real peace, people must help all sides to accept each other's rights and reach true reconciliation!

Ehud Tokatly, 23/December/2004

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