A Comment By Ehud Tokatly


Israel's moment of truth has arrived. Sharon's "Disengagement" plan lays the moral, legal and political foundations for future "transfer" actions against the Palestinians!

Legislators should think twice before voting for Sharon's bill. Future governments may apply the same legislation to uproot Arab civilians.

The Judiciary must consider the legality of Sharon's policy. If they rule that relocation of civilian population does not violate Israel's "Law of Human Dignity and Liberty" or International Humanitarian Law, the precedent may be used in the future to relocate Arab settlements.

Some may claim that the Jewish settlements are illegal, thus Sharon's model cannot be used against Arabs. The fact is that the settlements are more legal than tens of thousands of houses in Arab settlements all over the country. To decree that all Israeli settlements are illegal, the court would have to rule that Israel's policies have all been criminal since 1967, including many rulings of the Supreme Court itself.

Moreover, Sharon's plan would legalise the very concept of uprooting civilians for demographic or political ends. Some may even suggest that Sharon's real intention is to sacrifice 8,000 Jewish settlers for the sake of a much greater plan in the future, in an attempt to change the demographic balance by expelling non-Jews.

The Media must take into account that their campaign to discredit those who oppose the ethnic cleansing of the Gaza Strip, will serve to silence future protests against similar policies against the Arabs.

Don't say you were not warned!

Ehud Tokatly, 29/September/2004

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