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Make Peace - Not Mistakes!

Have we learned nothing from the Oslo Disaster?

The American "Road Map" is actually a new name for an old mistake. US President, George W. Bush set his goal very clearly. His "vision" is to divide the Holy Land into two states: Israel and Palestine.

This plan is even worse than the Oslo Plan. The world saw how a weak promise for "autonomy" turned into a time-bomb that exploded in our faces over two years ago. Now the PLO gang is going to get a real state.

A PLO State will be the worst terrorist base in the world!

"Clever" Western politicians are promising that the Palestinian state will be "demilitarized". That's a joke! Look at what these criminals can do with small arms and primitive explosives! We must remind Mr. Bush what the Arab terrorists did on September 11 with simple knives. How can you "demilitarize" anyone who uses these wicked tactics?

Moreover, there is no such animal as a "demilitarized state" in the world. Sovereign states are free to exercise their authority within their boundaries, sign international treaties and form alliances with other states and entities. We all saw how Saddam Hussein laughed at the UN inspectors.

Once the PLO gets a sovereign state - it will be too late!

Does this mean that we are doomed to fight the Arabs forever? No! There are better alternatives. If the Arabs accept none of them, we may conclude that their real goal is not to make peace but to destroy the Jewish presence in this region.

Please look at our many alternatives - under "Peace Voices". It is NOT true that peace must lead to compromising our natural rights and national security!

What we need is new Hope, not surrender to international criminals!

Ehud Tokatly, 26/June/2003

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