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What Is Victory?

We have to admit that our war in Gaza and Lebanon has ended in defeat. It seems that Olmert, Peretz and Halutz were big heroes against Israeli civilians in Katif, but when it comes to dealing with the determined enemies of Israel, they are consumed by insane defeatism. The post-modern brainwash has completely corrupted the minds of the Oligarchs who rule Israel. The Jewish State may fall if it does not undergo a fundamental moral change.

The last war has greatly contributed to waking up the Jewish public. Many understand today that withdrawals do not bring about peace or security, but rather encourage dangerous aggression. Most Israelis understand today that there is no political solution to the Jihad against Israel and that we must fight it relentlessly, even if this war may be long and painful. It is quite clear to many that the problem is not our lack of physical strength, but the moral and mental weakness of the post-Zionist Oligarchy in Israel.

Everything has been said by wise experts, but the main question has not been discussed yet: What is the alternative?

Since the 1977 Likud electoral victory, all its leaders have failed in leading the nation in a sensible way. As soon as they rose to power, all our leaders adopted policies that were based on the concepts of their rivals. Begin withdrew from the Sinai; Shamir agreed to indirect PLO participation in Madrid and damaged Israel's deterrent by failing to respond to Sadam's missile attacks; Netanyahu withdrew, and is still willing to withdraw from territories in exchange for a piece of paper; And Sharon surpassed them all by committing a criminal deportation of his own citizens. Why? What is happening to them as soon as they land at the PM's office?

Simple. Israel's 'National Block' has no alternative policy. We are very good at showing the madness of the appeasement, but we fall silent when we are asked: "So what do you propose?" Some of us mumble something about "Transfer"; others suggest more prayers to Heaven; And some talk about learning to live with situations that have no solutions. All this may be true, but the public wants a practical alternative that would provide some hope. Without a serious plan, we cannot gain the support of the public and would not know what to do if we do gain it.

After the war, we must open a serious discussion. All the national groups must pull themselves together and seek a new national policy for Israel. Our responsibility for the future of our people must call us to initiate a wider unity in Israel around a new national policy.

I would like to propose some basic principles for such a policy.

The Land of Israel cannot be divided. The facts on the ground prove that the partition concept is unacceptable morally, historically, religiously, economically and strategically. This land has room only for one state and the State of Israel is the national homeland of the Jewish People. It is totally impossible to provide security with more than one armed force in this small country. Israel must annex Judea and Samaria and drive away all hostile elements from its territory. We must work to achieve international support, explaining that appeasing the Jihad, from Oslo to Katif, has worked to intensify its aggression against Israel in particular and the West in general.

The "demographic problem" is irrelevant. A true democracy is not based on an ethnic majority. Only centralist and racist regimes consider such concepts. We should turn Israel into a true Liberal Democracy, where the constitution would protect the civil liberties and human rights of all citizens, but recognize the national rights only of the Jews. Anyone who refuses to pledge allegiance to the Jewish State would not receive full citizenship. The centralist regime is the source of our problems, both in terms of national policies and from social and cultural angles. A tiny, post-Zionist minority has taken over all position of power, particularly the civil service, the judicial system and the mass media, and is using these powers to undermine the democratic system and the interests of the Jewish people. This ruling minority will be weakened if we manage to decentralize Israel's system of government.

Israel should be turned into a federal republic. This will weaken the grip of the central authorities and empower the citizens and the wide range of communities that make up our society. Reducing the extensive powers of the central administration would lessen our citizens' practical and psychological dependency on the corrupt authorities. For example, the "Disengagement" could not have happened had Katif been an autonomous district with free citizens.

The federal structure will allow all law-abiding minorities to practice civilian self-rule. We have no interest in running the schools in Arab towns, but we cannot allow them to preach against their own state. Minorities that would not accept loyalty to the Jewish State in exchange for civil rights and communal autonomy should be invited to express their national and religious sentiments in Syria or Libya.

The federal regime faithfully expresses the Jewish heritage. Our People was born as a federation of twelve autonomous tribes, each one with its flag, president and judges. At the same time, the federal constitution is perfectly suited for the values of Liberal Democracy. This constitution would allow for a wide consensus between most parts of Israel's public. For example, the concept of autonomous communities will allow religious citizens to join Torah communities, without separating themselves from their national state.

The national block must offer all Israelis a fundamental solution for our problems. The current destructive security policies are only a symptom of a deep social illness. Many Israelis have lost touch with our people's values and legacy. This is the root cause of our weakness and our desire to believe in unrealistic pipe dreams. There is no point in addressing only the symptoms. A sick body cannot struggle against external viruses. We must heal our people and give it the strength to defend and improve our national home.

My proposal to empower the citizens and their communities through a federal constitution may well unite most Israelis around a worthy leadership and offer our nation a positive alternative that would stop the current Oligarchs from destroying Israel.

Ehud Tokatly, 17/August/2006

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