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Solve The Root Cause!

There is no chance of healing the country without exploring the root cause of its problems. Let us start with three testimonies that may open our eyes:

Testimony 1: Construction works were under way next to the house of an Israeli citizen. One morning, the citizen walked out of his house and was shocked when a heavy metal rod hit the ground next to his feet. He yelled at the workers to be more careful and went away. A few days later, another metal spike flew from the construction site, this time missing him by a few inches. Only then the penny dropped and the bewildered citizen called the police. By the time the patrol car arrived, all the workers had vanished from the scene. The polite policeman urged the citizen to file a complaint in the nearest police station. This was an attempted murder, he said, no less. The citizen obeyed and reported the incident, but a few months later was notified that the police had closed the case on the grounds of "no interest to the public". The fact is that the Israel Police believed that the public was not interested if one small citizen would live or be murdered.

Testimony 2: Two citizens found a car blocking the passage near their home, breaching the law and risking the lives of pedestrians. They politely asked the driver to make way for pedestrians but were met with an aggressive refusal. The citizens told the driver that they had no choice but to call the police and in return were attacked with a barrage of anti-Semitic insults that referred to their Jewish Orthodox appearance. The attacked citizens called the police but were shocked when the policemen refused to protect them from the racist offenders and filed a report against the victims. Both these citizens are convinced that the policemen were motivated by racist hatred of religious Jews.

Testimony 3: An Israeli woman who lives on the ground floor saw suspicious characters walking in her back yard late at night, peeping into her bedroom window. She started screaming with horror and her husband rushed to her aid from another room. He found in the dark yard two young men in plain clothes that claimed to be policemen. They broke into the private, well-fenced yard without any warning or legal warrant. The husband raised his voice and called the police. Uniformed police officers arrived at the scene and claimed that they were in the middle of "chasing terrorists". However, the person who answered the police hot line claimed that they were chasing "two Arabs who tried to steal a car" next to the residence of an Israeli celebrity. Either way, the young man in plain clothes did not even try to deny that he was peeping into the window of the woman's bedroom, but claimed that he "wanted to check if the terrorist was hiding inside the house". His fellow police officers did nothing to protect the innocent woman from the invasion of the filthy maniac who was using his position to satisfy his obscene perversions. The husband refused to complain to the police investigations department, claiming that he had lost faith in the rule of law in Israel.

These are only three out of many testimonies. The personal details are kept with the editors of the web site because many citizens are afraid of the police reaction.

Hard to believe, but these incidents did not occur in Chile under Pinochet, but right here, in Israel. Honest, law-abiding citizens do not receive protection from the police and even live in fear of the authorities that are supposed to defend them. Phenomena like these are typical of a police state and should not happen in a free society.

There is a direct link between the police maltreatment of ordinary citizens and the deep crisis that Israel is going through. On the surface, it looks like the police is fearlessly investigating the widespread political corruption. But the truth is that the root cause of the police misconduct is identical with the roots of the evils committed by politicians.

Lord Acton warned that "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". This is the root of the evil in today's State of Israel. The centralised structure of the Israeli regime provides immense power to a tiny minority group and thus, the rulers allow themselves and their servants to do whatever they like.

Israel's Oligarchs are intoxicated by their own power and cover up for brutal policemen who abuse ordinary citizens who do not belong to the right circles.

The Oligarchs' intoxication with their own power led them to believe that they were entitled to use force against peaceful civilians, destroy their legally owned homes and villages, conduct a racist ethnic cleansing for political reasons, and allow the greatest desecration of Synagogues and Jewish cemeteries.

The Oligarchs' intoxication with their own power leads many of them to outrageous corruption, in pursuit of their greed and despicable sexual urges. Israel has seen criminal allegations against two presidents, ministers and prime ministers, parliamentarians, politicians, the Chief of Police himself, celebrities and other individuals who were close to the regime. They have all acted with a feeling that they deserve to take whatever they want, regardless of any law or morality.

The Oligarchs' intoxication with their own power is the direct cause of their arrogant misjudgement of our enemies' military strength. This led to their disgraceful conduct during the last war, including their shameful failure in managing vast resources, while abandoning our soldiers in the battlefield and millions of civilians in the North and the Western Negev.

As long as their power is secured, their personal safety is protected and their individual welfare is flourishing, the Oligarchs' intoxication with their own power leads them to betray their citizens and exploit the Nation and its resources for their selfish interests.

The inevitable conclusion is this: Israel's political structure must be decentralised. The excess of power in our centralised government allows the corrupt minority to abuse our lives and damage our personal and national security. Only a Liberal-Democratic regime in a federal state may empower our citizens and their communities, forcing our elected delegates to act as servants of the public rather than their tyrannical masters. Only a system of government that would hold the politicians accountable for their conduct can serve as a basis for a free society in a thriving Jewish State. The time has come for all citizens to unite and demand a fundamental change in Israel's constitutional structure!

Ehud Tokatly, 23/August/2006

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