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Happy Birthday?

The 23rd of July is officially HopeWays' second birthday. We have published many creative ideas, articles, poems, pictures and songs, contributed by a growing group of sincere people from many countries. Yet, perhaps we should ask at this time if our goals have been properly served.

Judging by the news media, one may feel that our spirit has had no impact at all. Many conflicts, tensions and troubles seem as grave as ever. Moreover, as HopeWays' editor, I keep receiving e-mails that attack our goals and values. The worst cases are probably the letters from some people who presented themselves as our friends and partners, and later exposed their bigotry and hatred. We have decided not to publish these negative words but they are still painful.

Does this mean that we have failed? Should we give up hope, shut HopeWays down and retreat to our personal shelters?

Whenever I think of that hurt, I remind myself of the many participants and visitors who have found some solace and inspiration in our humble site. The ancient Jewish sages said: "It is not your duty to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it" (Avot 2:21). They urged us to continue working for our values even if we get no quick results. The important thing is the quality of our journey through life, not the final destination.

With your help, HopeWays is still devoted to seeking paths of faith and noble values.

Ehud Tokatly, 21/July/2005

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