A Comment By Ehud Tokatly

No More Hypocrisy!

"Love thy neighbour as thyself," says the Bible. The Jewish sages clarify this principle in simple words: "Do not do unto others what you would not like them to do unto you".

How basic!

And how different from today's standards! It has become almost normal to apply different rules to different people.

So, let us stop this hypocrisy!

Those who support the planned deportation of the Jewish settlers from their private homes must understand that this act may provide the moral basis for the deportation of Arabs - both past and future! The dispute over the settlements' legality has never been resolved and is totally irrelevant, since the motives for the evacuation are clearly racial. Those who think that it is morally right to apply ethnic cleansing against Jews should expect some Jews to use the same strategy against others!

Those who support the undemocratic tactics employed by Sharon and his followers, are actively destroying our democracy and laying the moral foundation for a future dictatorship by their opponents.

Indeed, we can criticise both Israelis and Arabs, but in doing so we must apply the same norms to all. Hypocrisy cannot possibly lead to justice or peace!

Ehud Tokatly, 17/June/2004

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