HopeWays believes that our society's most important assets are its human resources. We uphold all cultural, intellectual and spiritual activities, so long as they do not promote intolerance of others.
HopeWays strives to foster national and social solidarity by encouraging the various communities in our society to freely develop their distinct identities. The wide range of ethnic, cultural, artistic and spiritual communities create together a wonderful mosaic that can only enrich our lives.
HopeWays holds that true solidarity should emerge from real equality and mutual respect. The right to be equal must mean the right to be different. Unity must not mean uniformity. Free communities of free individuals are the building blocks of a free country, which then becomes the "Community of Communities".

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HopeWays wishes to hear about more cultural activities. Click the link above to send us a letter, indicating the title of your action or name of organization, describing the nature of your activity (up to 20 words) and any available contact information - address, telephone, fax, e-mail and website address.

Please note that we do not publish materials that promote hatred, violence or coercion. Letters must be signed with their authors' full name and location of residence.

(For security reasons, we do not open messages with any attached files.)

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