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HopeWays is an independent forum, associated with no official organization, business establishment, political movement or formal ideology.
HopeWays is dedicated to fostering the values of:

Peace and Solidarity - both between nations and amidst various groups within our society.

Tolerance and Pluralism - among all ethnic, religious, cultural and ideological communities.

Sincerity and Creativity - in seeking and applying new ways to better our socio-political destiny.

HopeWays holds that "ordinary people" and their free communities are the key to a better future, both in the Holy Land and elsewhere. The forum is devoted to promoting both new thinking and constructive civic action.

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Creative Ideas: Community Action:

HopeWays offers a forum to sincere individuals and groups, who seek new ways to shape our future:

To date, all attempts to achieve peace in the Holy Land have failed. We promote new designs for peaceful solutions.

We hold that only a healthy society can meet the challenges of the future. Thus, we support the quest for creative designs that may better our society.

We hope to trigger serious public discussions that may contribute to our social renewal and give a chance to real peace.

HopeWays holds that social solidarity and a true community spirit are the key to a better society.

We support the volunteers who dedicate their hearts, their time and their energy to help their fellow humans.

We uphold all cultural, intellectual and spiritual activities, so long as they do not promote intolerance of others. We strive to foster national and social solidarity by encouraging the various communities in our society to freely develop their distinct ethnic, cultural, artistic and spiritual identities. We hold that true unity depends on real equality and mutual respect.

Other Sections:

We provide some links to news sites and publish various articles on current affairs.

Interesting books that are relevant to our discussions, by both famous writers and less known ones.

We seek more volunteers and backers to share the challange with us. We also list the names of those of you who share our ideals.

We offer some links to other web sites that may interest our visitors.


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