Michael Stern:

Israel never hesitated to rescue Jews from war torn Europe, from the Soviet Union, Ethiopia, Uganda, Yemen and Iraq. So why are we too weak to defend the Jews of Gaza?

This is not a political decision. It is a denial of the purpose of the Jewish State. The State of Israel was born out of the ashes of the Holocaust. The community of nations voted to create a Jewish state, not so that some Jews could live by the beach in Herzliya, or that some Jews could own villas and many cars. Jews can do that anywhere in the world. Israel was created to defend Jews the world over. If Jews are evicted from a country today, Israel stands ready to bring them "home". If Jews are endangered anywhere in the world, Israel is their spokesperson in the world's political bodies and their defender when their lives are threatened.

We can make a political decision to turn over sovereignty of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority. That is within our choices. We cannot desert those Jews living in Gaza, nor can we "ethnically cleanse" Gaza for our Arab neighbors.

If you (Sharon) turn over Gaza to the Palestinians, so be it. The treatment of these Jewish residents of Gaza will be a story for all the world to watch and to understand. We have often heard that Arab leaders have no quarrel with Jewish citizens, only with the State of Israel. Jews in Gaza are a test of Arab intentions.

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