Herzl & Balfour Hakak:

The constant threat from the ongoing Arab hostility demand that we unite and stop all internal rivalries. The time has come to put aside unrealistic dreams and return to our roots. Even when we stretch a hand of peace to our enemies, we must remember that we have no margin of error and we must secure the safety of our country and its people....

Throughout the generation, our people's strength was in its wisdom, its experience and in fostering personal responsibility. It is written in our history and in the prophecies that taught us to go against the stream and see reality clearly. Despair and false utopias are the friends of the iceberg that awaits the Titanic. We have a land but no calm. We have much in common to unite us on our way to redemption. We have built our third home and we are responsible for its safety, since this is our last home.

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