Asher Shla'in:

The choice between One-state and Two-states "solutions" is imaginary. Both options are not open in the present reality... The "two state solution", negotiated with the same regime will perpetuate both the Palestinian ordeal and the threat on Israel. I, for one, will not believe in the peaceful intentions of a regime that suffers - if not encourages - the "education" of kindergarten toddlers to hate and kill me...

It is evident that the present type of politicians will not bring peace. This is a matter to be discussed among people - Israeli, Palestinian - at grassroots.

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Since I have not given up hope for true peace, I present an angle that is not yet accepted by either supporters or opponents of the disengagement. I usually seek to identify the real needs of individuals and communities, as opposed to the interests of those who gain from perpetuating and aggravating the conflict. What we need is to achieve reconciliation between the two populations. This does not mean appeasing enemies with the hope of alleviating their attacks on us.

Implementing the "disengagement" will damage the remaining chance to promote peace between Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians. Postponing the separation seems to keep the door from closing on the hope of reconciliation, although this chance keeps narrowing as the war rages on.

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...those who conceived the "Disengagement", claim that we cannot rule over the Palestinian masses. At that, they receive the support of both foreign countries who care nothing for the welfare of the Palestinians, and of some elements in Israeli society that wish to keep the Palestinians as far away as they can from their sights and their daily lives. This approach is morally and humanely flawed, as well as politically and strategically unwise. It leaves millions under the control of policies that poison their culture and education, deprive their welfare and exacerbate their misery, multiply their victims and also turn them into an instrument of a permanent threat on Israel's existence.

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