Christian Declaration

As Christians from different churches and congregations in Germany, we confess today in Berlin that Jesus is our Master and pray for our land. In addition, we think of our special connection with the Jewish People:

Jesus was a Jew and this connects us with the Jewish People

The Jewish Bible is G-D's Word for us too

Abraham is our common Father of Faith. We recognise G-D's eternal covenant with the Jewish People

The Ten Commandments are the central embodiment of our ethics

We yearn with the Jewish People for peace and righteousness in the Messianic Kingdom

We thank the Jewish People for this inheritance!

At the same time, we confess, that we have not always fully respected the Jewish People and that inheritance, and we express our shame and remorse at the guilt of Christian anti-Semitism and its contribution to the Holocaust.

Furthermore, we are full of consternation about the current menace to Israel and about the new flames of anti-Semitism in Europe, thus we declare as follows:

We feel responsible for the Jewish People and the State Israel

We denounce every form of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel incitement

We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for G-d's protection for all Jews in Germany

Christliches Forum für Israel

Berlin, 11. September 2004

The 'Christliche Forum für Israel' is a co-operative of about ten Christian organisations for Israel from different denominations in Germany.

Translated by Uta Hentsch, Bisingen-Germany

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