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The great questions of Jewish philosophy are examined from a human-existential perspective. Our point of departure is essentially human: We serve old wine in new vessels, expressing the ancient Talmudic teachings in modern terminology.

Our focus is upon God's servant: His service, his effort of self-refinement, and the problems he encounters: Destiny's problem coping with existence, and spirit's problem coping with matter.

These existential difficulties we attempt to center around a value-oriented base, within the context of spirituality.

We examine Judaism as it differs from the religions of east and west.

Some research issues at Sadnat Enosh:

- Influence of belief upon believers: Influence of believers upon belief. Fundamental inquiries for supplying basic data, they can shed light upon the movements of political current and the dynamics of power, as it has affected for better and for worse the course of history.

- An investigation into creativity: Schools of artistic thought, currents of intellectual theory. All of these approaches are examined for their effect on human beings: Their effect on faith, on personal convictions, on human behavior in general. This approach is a departure from conventional philosophical research, which normally attempts to investigate a field of knowledge by focusing on the field itself, rather than on the human being who must cross this field, i.e., rather than approaching it from the human perspective.

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