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Torah Center for Spiritual Guidance

Sadnat Enosh is an independent institution. It is not affiliated with any organizational frameworks or educational institutions. The orientation at Sadnat Enosh is toward structuralism: Aspiring to achieve balance between opposing vectors.

This orientation reflects the influence of pioneering developmental psychologist Jean Piaget, Rav Lifshitz’s teacher at the University of Geneva for six years.

The Human Workshop consists of four sections:

1) Personal guidance and counseling center for gifted youth and adults:

This population frequently encounters difficulty when they are expected to adjust to a social framework, whether that framework is personal, academic or professional.

2) Teacher training and educational guidance provided to educators and to educational institutions.

Development of pedagogical and didactic techniques.

Group lectures and individualized guidance for educators.

3) Developing an existential world view based upon the human/spiritual paradigm:

This is particularly appropriate for the intellectual seeker. There is a severe shortage of appropriate frameworks for the pure intellectual, for which reason only the tiniest minority of Jewish intellectuals find their way home to Judaism.

4) Jewish family counseling and guidance center:

This division deals with marriage counseling - Pre-marital compatibility counseling, marital conflict counseling.

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