When Will the West Get It?

By Nonie Darwish

After the London terror attack, I have a few urgent questions for fellow Americans: When will you unite against terrorism? When will you get it? Will it take more loss of American lives in a second terror attack to finally stop fighting amongst ourselves and stand against the real enemy of Western civilization? Since 9/11, I have been among the vocal minority of Arab Americans who put their personal safety on the line to warn America of what is coming if we do not unite. Arab Americans like Joseph Farrah, Walid Shoebat, Brigitte Gabrielle and myself have been speaking non-stop.

The mainstream media ignored the few of us who spoke out, while complaining that the Muslim majority is silent. The media has also failed to alert the American public before 9/11 and accused those who exposed Muslim terrorist agendas as bigots. They treated the war on terror as an event that started on 9/11 and that should have ended on 9/12. They were against the Afghanistan war; then switched their opposition to the Iraq war and said that Afghanistan was OK. The same media blamed for 9 years Bush senior for never finishing the job in his Kuwait war by going into Iraq to take out Saddam. Nonetheless, after Saddam's capture, they switched positions and treated Saddam as a victim of George W. Bush. Western media then managed to steer away our obligation to bring democracy to Iraq after the war by calling our presence an occupation to justify the insurgency. Before that they engaged in an endless debate on whether Saddam had weapons of mass destruction or not. How come that was not the issue when they were blaming Bush senior for 9 years?

America should have congratulated itself for conducting one of the most successful wars in history in its precise surgical attacks on combatants only, while avoiding civilians; but instead Bush and Rumsfeld were vilified for a sign saying "mission accomplished" that was posted by the troops. Instead of congratulating ourselves for taking out the most brutal tyrant since WWII, we are strangling ourselves in political correctness. Many leftists are no longer able to distinguish between good and bad when they accuse America of being equal to Nazi Germany. When I hear the anti-American crowd speak I am reminded of the same hate speech against "Istamaar" (Arabic for colonialism) and "Kafir" (Arabic for infidel). What I hear from American campus Leftists is very similar to the anti-Western propaganda signs on Arab streets in the 1960's, with which Arab political and religious leadership hypnotized their people from seeing reality.

The environmentalists who blame America for everything should have congratulated President Bush for taking out the man who set over a thousand oil fields on fire. I wonder how many of them helped in the year long operation to put them out. The media is confusing the American public. The left is outraged over the treatment of terrorists at Guantanamo, while rarely expressing anger over beheadings and terrorism. Their energy is always focused on protecting the rights of terrorists over the rights of victims of terror. How many of these leftist professors and politicians visited the terror victims or our troops? But they seem outraged when President Bush visits them and accuse him of using the journey for a photo op. They are outraged over too much or too little air-conditioning in Guantanamo, while forgetting our boys who risk their lives in the Middle East heat. They compare the lack of air-conditioning for the terrorists to Nazi torture, forgetting that these terrorists chose to live in the caves of Afghanistan for terrorizing non-Muslims, caring nothing about their comfort. Bin Laden could have lived in luxury with his money, but he chose the harsh life of caves with no air-conditioning, devoting his life to killing Westerners. These are not freedom fighters who seek life, liberty and happiness for their people. The true freedom fighters are Arabs who want peace and are suffering right now in Arab jails or already killed for signing peace treaties, like President Anwar Sadat.

American taxpayers are paying the salaries of eccentric professors who educate our kids to hate America; Ward Churchill compared the 3000 victims of the 9/11 terrorist act to "little Eichmanns." Senior Senators are ignoring the terrorist danger to America in the hope of defeating Republicans, forgetting they are hurting America in the process. Senior Senators Durbin and Kennedy's strategy is to first beat President Bush, ignore terrorism, and worry about it later. They try to emulate Europe, ignoring who our enemy is.

Western leftists lack context in their evaluation. Having lived in both the Middle East and the US, I have developed a deep appreciation to Western freedoms, which many leftist Americans take for granted. They unwisely take the side of the enemy, blaming America and the West for every evil around the world: terrorism, African poverty, world economy, pollution etc. It is arrogant and self-defeating to hold America guilty for all of this. Fact or fiction, victim or aggressor, are all debatable and morally equivalent in the mind of leftists.

America, get it into your head! Terrorists are the hidden hands of tyrant dictators and religious zealots of the Middle East. Terrorists were created for doing the dirty work Arab leaders could not accomplish in the open; that is conquering the West to Islam. This is why they reject democracy. Terrorism is the cheapest and most dishonorable form of aggression; as cheap as box cutters and as dishonorable as killing Jewish babies. The Muslim World has brought up several generations of young people waiting to die as Shahids for 72 virgins in the sky. The jinni is out of the bottle and Arab leaders cannot put it back in.

We are probably temporarily safe from Arab threats of oil embargoes, but not from terrorists created in the last 50 years by Muslim culture of hate and indoctrination. Both Arab leaders and the West will be at the mercy of terrorists if we do not fight this war. The terrorists want to take over the Middle East from the current dictators who financed and created them. Their dream is to set oil fields on fire and destroy Western economy together with theirs.

Western media no longer supports the cause of democracy in the Middle East, since it does not serve their goals. For many years, they have blamed the US for supporting Arab dictators, but now they discourage Bush's attempts to spread democracy.

By blaming America first, instead of supporting freedom, this crowd is sympathizing with the enemy. They proudly express their wish to see America defeated in Iraq, thinking they have reached a level of sophistication and righteousness that the common American cannot comprehend. To them I say that they will be the first targets of terrorists if Western democracy is defeated. Islamists hate non-conformists.

There is no point now for the West to investigate Saudi kings and Arab leaders for their role in creating terrorism. These Arab dictators are now shaking in their 'sandals' from their home grown terrorists. We have to be very careful not to help the likes of Bin Laden to rise to power. The terrorists are now turning inwards against the Saudi rulers who have financed and created them. The hate speech and indoctrination have bore the fruits of terror and are on a self-destructive path. If the Arabs don't wake up, we will soon see the self-destruction of the Middle East. I hope that next time a Muslim nation attacks another one we will not save them. They need to learn to save themselves. Maybe they need to hit bottom by their own actions before they reform.

We must remember that we are in a brutal war. Military power is of utmost importance. Democracy in the Middle East is a must as a future strategy against terror, but what is urgently needed now is a united Western front.

The West is too naive and weak. America complains that Arab Americans are silent, but is ignoring the few of us who are putting their lives on the line and speak out. Please listen to us.

An Arab Supports Israel

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