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Alternative Palestinian Agenda

The Alternative Palestinian Agenda (APA) is a Palestinian forum that engages Palestinians and Israelis in an alternative discourse towards resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, based on mutual recognition and democratic co-existence.

The group aims at achieving a fair, durable, and realizable solution to the conflict without compromising the right of all Palestinians to live in historic Palestine with freedom, equality, and dignity. The APA acknowledges that Palestinians and Israelis are integral components of historic Palestine; respects the individual and collective rights of Palestinians and Israelis and other communities in Palestine; affirms the need for mutual accommodations of Palestinian and Israeli concerns and aspirations; and recognizes the shortcomings of the two-state solution.

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About Nasser AbuFarha

The APA was founded around the discussion of the APA's Peace Initiative drafted by Nasser AbuFarha, a Palestinian anthropologist from Jenin. Nasser AbuFarha grew up in Jenin and was educated in the United States. He is currently a dissertator at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in cultural anthropology and serves as the director of APA programming in Palestine. The APA's initiative gained the support of several prominent Palestinian leaders and continues to receive recognition nationally and internationally.

The Alternative Palestinian Agenda

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Nasser AbuFarha's E-mail: nabufarha@wisc.edu

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