The "Laor" Movement

Laor is a Zionist movement that was established in 1979 by a group of citizens, at the initiative of Yaakov Hasdai. The group's members were concerned about the negative processes in society and the state, about the corruption of the political system, the decline in the standard of leadership, and about the loss of common, shared values among the people.

In the opinion of Laor's members, the most important problem that Israel had, and still has, is the repair and renewal of Israel's values and way of life and not the choice between territories and peace.

At the start of the 80's, in lengthy ideological discussions, the group of members consolidated a comprehensive plan to change the face of the country. The plan is based on the values of responsibility and choice, by means of a new political model that also calls for strengthening the power of the community. Laor's proposals were published in a book whose Hebrew title is "A Life of Responsibility and Choice". Since then, the movement's members have been disseminating and explaining the movement's ideals and its proposals for building afresh the political and social order in the State of Israel.

Today it transpires that we've lost the whole Land of Israel and that we're also not going to gain real peace. One more hope remains and on it depends the future of the State of Israel -- to rebuild it, in democratic ways, into a society that is just and well regulated.

The Basic Values of Laor

Laor's Website

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