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Professor Ervin Y. Kedar

Born in Budapest, Hungary, 1925. His mother was related to the visionary Zionist leader Theodor Herzl. His family emigrated to Israel in 1935.

From 1939 to 1947 he served in the "Hagana" and "Palmach" underground organizations. In 1946 he was arrested by the British Mandate Police and was a prisoner until 1947.

During Israel's War of Independence (1947-1949) he served as a commander in the Israel Defense Forces. He was severely injured in June 1948, but returned to the battlefield, and then attended the IDF's first Intelligence Officers' Course.

In 1949 - 1953 he studied Geography at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and was the first to receive a Ph.D. in Geography in Israel (1959). He worked at the Hebrew University as lecturer and research academic until 1967, published numerous scientific papers since 1956, and his first book - "Early Agriculture In The Negev Mountains" - was published in 1966 by the Bialik Institute.

At the same time, he served as a special consultant for development of the country and the Negev to the late Prime-ministers David Ben-Gurion and Levy Eshkol, as well as Yigal Alon, Yigael Yadin and Moshe Dayan. Served as a visiting professor at the University of California in Berkeley (1960) and Los Angeles (1961). Founded the Geography departments in the universities of Tel Aviv (1961) and Haifa (1964), which he headed until 1968.

Served as national supervisor of Geography studies in Israel's Ministry of Education, visiting professor in the University of California (1967-1968) and senior researcher at the US Science Council, the US Science Academy and at the NASA center in Houston, Texas (1968-1970). Also served as a professor in the Desert Research Institute at the Ben Gurion University in Beer-Sheba, in the State University of New York and in the New Jersey Colleges. Founded the Institute of Advanced Research in Arad (1991) and serves as its Dean.

Since 1949, Kedar is married to Batia - a teacher and principal of language courses for Ethiopian immigrants in Arad. His three daughters are Dr. Smadar Kedar - expert in computer science (born 1956), Bosmat Kedar - social worker (born 1960), and Hadas Kedar - print artist (born 1963).

He lives in Arad, at Israel's Negev desert, since 1979.

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