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USIP - The United ďState of IsraelĒ and Palestine


By Professor Ervin Y. Kedar


This document summarizes a research project that proposes a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The research is based on the following assumptions: Any reasonable political solution must:

1) Ensure Israelís future sovereignty and security

2) Be acceptable to the majority of Israelis and Palestinians

3) Be democratic

4) Create a socio-economic integration between the two peoples


Israelís government and the Palestinian Authority must address their peoplesí expectations for peace and security. Thus, the leaders of both nations must formulate a plan to cater for both nationsí political, economic, security and social needs.

This plan calls for the establishment of one political entity west of the Jordan River, which will include the State of Israel and Palestine, without internal borders, for the sake of mutual coexistence in one homeland. The new plan replaces policies of territorial partitioning with a model of a functional compromise. The entire country should be open to both Israelis and Palestinians, enjoying equal rights and rejecting any discrimination. This political entity will be a Condominium, i.e. joint sovereignty.


This Condominium will be titled:

USIP - The United ďState of IsraelĒ and Palestine

The Palestinian Autonomy will serve as an interim phase toward the establishment of USIP.

The Political Goal

To ensure Israelís future sovereignty and security, under a plan that is acceptable to the majority of Israelis and Palestinians, based on democratic principles and leading to a socio-economic integration of both nations, in the framework of a functional compromise that will create a new Palestinian National Charter.

The Nature of the Condominium

1) Citizenship

The Israelis will keep their Israeli citizenship and ID cards, while the Palestinians, who will vote for their own house of representatives, will be Palestinian citizens and carry their own IDís, obeying the Palestinian Law;

2) Governmental Departments

Both governments will have their autonomous: treasury, interior, agriculture, police, religion, labor, welfare, education and other departments - as desired.

3) The Law of Return

Since the territory of USIP is extremely poor in natural resources, and the only valuable resource is the human one, immigration of people to USIP will be encouraged, and the Palestinians in exile will welcomed back to their homeland, without any restrictions.

4) The Judicial System

Each citizen will be handled by his or her national court, or by a local or district court, as decided by the USIP Condominium Council.

5) Language and National Symbols

The USIP will be a bi-national condominium, thus Hebrew and Arabic will be its official languages. Both peoples will keep their national anthems until a mutual anthem is accepted by the USIP.

6) Settlements and Community Life

The whole territory of the USIP is recognized as the legitimate homeland of both the Israeli and the Palestinian nations. Coexistence is the law of the land. Accordingly, all individuals will be allowed to build their homes wherever desired, without any limitations, providing all settlements and buildings are built with a legal permit, issued by the legal authorities.

7) Water and Land Resources

Each citizen of the USIP will have equal rights to use these resources, based on purely economic considerations. Economic feasibility will be the only basis for water and land development. Resources owned by Jewish Israelis will remain their property, and those which belong to Arab-Palestinians will be kept by them. Transfer of ownership will be based on the free market principles of purchase and sale.

8) National Guard

In addition to separate Israeli and Palestinian police forces, whose task will be to enforce law and order inside each community, A joint Israeli-Palestinian National Guard will enforce the policies of the USIP Condominium Council.

Establishing The Condominium (Timetable)

1) Israelísí Prime-minister and an official Palestinian representative will sign a declaration to establish the USIP Condominium.

2) A joint council, with equal representation for both sides (5 Israeli ministers and 5 Palestinian officials), will be headed by Israelís Prime-minister and the elected representative of the Palestinians. The Councilís role will be to coordinate the needs of both peoples.

3) The Condominium Council will be established within two months of the formal decision taken by Israel.

Peace Steps Following The Establishment of the USIP

1) A Palestinian combat brigade will be established in the USIP Armed Forces, with the task of defending the Condominium.

2) The USA, the EU, Japan and the Arab states will prepare plans for the rebuilding of the Condominium, allowing for massive construction work for the rehabilitation of the refugees.

3) Both nationsí ministers of finance, agriculture and industry will start building an infrastructure of defense and hi-tech industries. Markets will be developed throughout the neighboring Arab countries, with the Condominium serving as the economic, industrial, social and cultural center of the Middle East and Northern Africa.

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