IFLAC 5th Conference

International Forum For The Literature And Culture Of Peace



Ayres Hotel, LA. California Dates: August 3-6, 2005

 IFLAC PAVE PEACE, The International Forum for the Culture and Literature of Peace, organizes this interdisciplinary conference.  IFLAC is a network of women leaders, peace researchers, writers, poets, educators, journalists and media, working together to foster joint cooperation and understanding in our global village. The conference will bring together experts and participants from a broad range of fields, to discuss the impact of the cultural and literary dimensions for promoting the paving of a global Culture of Peace, which would creatively "pave" and promote a world beyond war.

There will be: Panels, Roundtable, Workshops, Research Papers, Peace Stories and Poems, as well as International Cultural Feasts in the Evenings. The major themes to be examined and discussed at this exciting and innovative conference will include the following: * Women and Peace, * From A War Culture To A Peace Culture, * Conflict Resolution Through Culture and Literature, * Pluralistic Cultural Identity in an Era of Globalization, * The Communications Revolution and its effects on Culture, * Creation of a Peace Culture in the Media, * Peace Education through Literature, * Suicide Bombing and the Possibilities of A Peace Culture As A Means to Combat it. * Can NGO's like IFLAC, and "Gather the Women," and others, Influence World Governments and Institutions to Promote Peace in the World? The Keynote Speaker at this Conference is Peace Leader, Nonie Darwish, she will be speaking about: The Importance of Building Trust, Respect and Peace between Nations.

MEDIA SPONSORS: WomensRadio, Sister Space Radio, Global Peace Solution TV, and HopeWays online magazine.

The Global Peace Network will be chairing a panel on "The Communications Revolution and its Effects on Culture."

For further information, please visit:

www.iflac.com/ada, www.iflac.com

We are keenly looking forward to welcoming you at the IFLAC Conference.

Congress President: Dr. Ada Aharoni, ada@tx.techion.ac.il


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In Memorium
The IFLAC web site is dedicated to the memory of thirty year old lawyer, Anat Rosen Winter, who was blown up at the "A Propos Coffee House" in Tel Aviv, by a suicide bomber, in March 1997. Her baby daughter was saved when Anat shielded her with her body and received all the murderous blast.

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