International Forum For The Literature And Culture Of Peace


We believe that culture and literature can promote peace, freedom, and the enrichment of the quality of life. On the threshold of the twenty first century, we shall endeavor to pave the way towards the fulfillment of our main ideal "one world and one humanity, all living in peace". Our goal is to help build a Middle East and a world beyond war in the 21st century, by means of literature, culture and art. This endeavor is in harmony with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights embodied in the Charter of the United Nations.

We strive for freedom of speech and expression, and for freedom from hostile and oppressive violence, whether it is war, or gender, physical, mental or moral oppression. We believe in the right of people everywhere to live in peace, and in their rights to pursue their various cultures, as well as human endeavors, and to obtain equal civil justice.


Toward these ends, we organized an "International Congress on Conflict Resolution Through Culture and Literature," in Shavei Zion, Galilee, in June 1999, the Second Iflac Conference, in Sydney in 2001, the third Iflac Conference was held in London in 2002, and the fourth one will be held in Bursa, Turkey, in October 2003.

"IFLAC", under its former name: "The Friends of Literature Association", was founded in 1985 in Haifa Israel, and was registered as a Voluntary Association in 1987. There are nine branches in Jewish, Arab and Druze sectors in Israel, actively and harmoniously working together. We hold regular literary and cultural meetings including: Lectures, Poetry Reading, Story-Telling, New Books celebrations, Interviews, Literary Weekend Seminars, Cultural Festivals, Symposiums, Congresses, Jewish and Arab/ Palestinian Students Meetings and Workshops.

In 1996 the TENT OF PEACE was set up in the Druze village of Ussfiya, in which inter-cultural meetings and happenings are regularly held. From year 2000, Iflac's center is in Haifa, in Beit Pinsky, the house of the late poet David Pinsky, where regular Dialogue Encounters and Literary meetings are held.


Galim: Anthology (1987-2003)

Horizon: online magazine (1996-2003)

Lirit: Israeli Poetry in English Translation (1999-2003), in conjunction with the Hebrew Writers' Association.


(Voluntary Association No. 58-035-275-5)

To strive toward the promotion of peace and mutual respect between people and nations.

To promote social, cultural and religious tolerance between people.

To eliminate violence in all its forms.

To organize peace culture researchers, writers, intellectuals and friends of literature.

To encourage creativity that promotes culture and peace.


Prof. Ada Aharoni
Michael Landsberg
Zehava Rosen
Judith Zilberstein
Zvi Rosen, Advocate
George Farah
Prof. Chaim Aharoni


Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize Laureate
Michael Landsberg, Secretary General The Educational Center Moshe Sharett
Prof. Shimon Shamir, Tel Aviv University
Shmuel Gelbhart, Deputy Mayor of Haifa Muicipality
Sammy Michael, Writer
Aluf Hareven, Director, Sikkuy
Renee Samuel Sirat, Chief Rabbi of France
Dr. Rosemary Wilkinson, President WAAC - The World Academy for Arts and Culture

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In Memorium
The IFLAC web site is dedicated to the memory of thirty year old lawyer, Anat Rosen Winter, who was blown up at the "A Propos Coffee House" in Tel Aviv, by a suicide bomber, in March 1997. Her baby daughter was saved when Anat shielded her with her body and received all the murderous blast.

About Prof. Ada Aharoni - IFLAC Founder & President

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