Dear Friends,

We have been working on this publication since July 2003 and our group of volunteers is growing fast. So is the number of our visitors, many of whom send us enthusiastic feedback from all over the world.

However, many people have suggested that much of HopeWays' content may have more impact, if we advertise the site more aggressively. So how can we get the word around on a voluntary basis? Here are a few ideas:

• We all correspond with people through our e-mail. If each one of us drops a line to some friends, we can easily reach many more people.

• Some of us are involved with various web sites, on-line forums and the like. We can simply write to the readers and editors and draw their attention to HopeWays.

• In many of our neighbourhoods there are various informal billboards - in schools, shops, clubs, community centres etc. We are sometimes more attracted to our neighbours' messages than to glittery commercial posters. Why not hang some announcements in our local community?

• We can do the same at our workplaces, where appropriate and permissible.

• If you have a local paper in your area, you may want to write a letter to the editor, recommending HopeWays.

We would be delighted to help you in phrasing and designing your blurbs, but you can also write up whatever you like, expressing what you really feel about HopeWays. As long as you sign your material with your own name, you don't need to ask for our permission - we are all free people!

However, we would be grateful if you tell us about your assistance and will obviously publish our thanks.

HopeWays visitors tend to have their own ideas. So we would welcome your messages at:

Our web site is yours and together we can bring hope to many more!

Many thanks to you all,


Ehud Tokatly

Elon Jarden

Asher Shla'in

Menachem Keren

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