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Gabriella Keren

Israeli of Mexican origin, traveled extensively before reaching the last stop: Jerusalem.

The road I traveled most is one of integration between opposites; between my Mexican, French, Bulgarian, Jewish and Christian roots, between observance of the commandments and remaining sensitive vis-a-vis life's challenges, between facing the reality of a difficult world and hoping for its redemption. I have two lives, each one 25 years in length. The first one happened in various countries outside of Israel and offered everything except essence. The second one, in Israel has been a continuous and fascinating adventure in the school of life. In the interface of two separate existences, I came across Eastern philosophies and yoga, a discipline I've been practicing for 30 years. Activating and re-energizing all 248 limbs of the human body, Yoga is to the body what mitzvoth are to the soul. I am presently teaching Yoga, in this spirit.

I have a legacy of daughters, Rachel, studying alternative medicine, Zvia, presently traveling around the world and greatly missed and Ditza, singer in the Alchemists band and manager of the bunch. I am experienced in many fields, as a journalist and writer, translator, coordinator of major events and particularly as a yoga teacher and therapist.

E-mail: gabi-keren@013.net.il

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