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The New Golden Rule

We need to leapfrog the old debate between pro-government liberals and free-market conservatives. For two centuries, Americans could take for granted their moral and social foundations, but since 1960 these foundations have been endangered. Now we need a new commitment to core values, but social conservatives, led by the religious right, are dangerously willing to push their virtues on all Americans. The New Golden Rule reconciles our dual need for social order and individual autonomy, laying down the communitarian public philosophy for a new era. (paperback, 314 pages.)

The Spirit of Community

The most comprehensive, influential treatment of communitarian ideas, The Spirit of Community received widespread acclaim when first published and continues to be read, discussed, and followed around the world. Common Cause founder John W. Gardner called it "one of the most important books of 1993," and Senator Bill Bradley said that, "Amitai Etzioni shows us all, as citizens, how a philosophy based on shared values and mutual understanding can restore our nation's promise and moral leadership." The book has been spotted on President Clinton's desk... What about yours? (paperback, 267 pages.)

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