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Zion shall be Redeemed with Judgment

- an alternative to Oslo


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The book serves as the platform for the political endeavors of a new movement called Tzedek (the Hebrew acronym for Zionism, democracy, and progress) founded by Jarden. Taking as its subject the Palestinian-Israeli dispute in the light of international law, the book proposes some fresh solutions for the conflict.

The book’s basic assumption is that the dispute is more than political by nature. It is also a struggle over identities and collective loyalties, issues that are only rarely discussed publicly. Jarden proposes a solid national identity for both Israelis and Palestinians, that will contribute to achieving an enduring, genuine agreement between the warring sides. Those who have lost hope with present-day politics, but who still believe in the Zionist hope, form the book’s target audience.

The first part compares the various solutions that have been proposed for the Palestinian-Israeli dispute, solutions that are then compared with Tzedek’s solution. The second part takes a new perspective in investigating the history of the Land of Israel, within its borders under the British Mandate, and the implications of this historical perspective on the formation of the national identity of the peoples fighting over this land.


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