Dov Froman

Born in Poland 1929, Froman is married and has four children.

He was separated from his parents at the beginning of World War 2. In 1943 Froman was deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp. In 1945 he was liberated from the Buchenwald camp and immediately after the war immigrated to Israel with the Youth Aliya organisation. He studied at the Mikveh Israel high school until 1948, and in the "Merkaz Ha-Rav" Higher Yeshiva until 1951. During his military service he took the position of a Welfare Officer of the "Golani" infantry brigade. He then studied at the School of Social Work associated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was qualified as a social worker. Later he studied in the Faculty of Law and graduated with M.A. and a certified lawyer.

Froman held senior positions in Israel's Civil Service, particularly in the Ministry of Welfare. He served as a director of local and district welfare boards and trained social workers. He combined his legal education with his work in the welfare services, specialising in the laws of welfare. He lectured on welfare legislation and policy at the Bar-Ilan University. Since 1972, Froman is an independent lawyer.

The climax of his activities was his initiative in creating the national service for religious women and the founding the "Society for National Volunteering", which he headed for many years. He led this project from 1970 to 1994, while continuing his various roles in the Ministry of Welfare.

Dov Froman fulfilled the concept of voluntary national service for religious women, that was the vision of the late Minister Hazani. This entailed lengthy political negotiations that led to the success of the project. He then worked to expand the organisation in size and quality.

Froman wrote many essays for the Ministry of Welfare periodical and published many inspired articles.

Dov Froman, ADV. & NOTARY

15 Shamai Street, Jerusalem 94631

Tel. (+972-2)-625-6995

Fax. (+972-2)-624-8050


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