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Claudia G. S. Martins

Claudia G. S. Martins is a geographer with experience in land use and management of urban forestation. She has a keen interest in comparative religions and interfaith dialogue and has written and published numerous articles about Sikhism. She is a former Anglican / Episcopal lay minister, with emphasis in Liturgy and Missiology in the urban context. Making her debut in political issues she is trying to make a contribution to the recurrent theme of homeland, dedicating it to those who are suffering, be it from a physical abuse, violence or loss of hope. The same passion that led her to understand Sikhs and their faith is fuelling her desire to understand Middle East turmoil from the geographical point of view. She lives in S?o Paulo, Brazil and wants to be a liaison for Palestinians and Israelis in the Brazilian context.

The Brazilian Contribution To Palestinian-Israeli Peace

E-mail: c.gaspar@terra.com.br

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