'All Nations Cafe' is a meeting place of hearts, where people of all nations and religions can share beauty, harmony and understanding.

We try to present a warm, welcoming and wholesome experience, beginning with the location of the cafe, its interior and exterior design; continuing with the level of service and the food and drinks we serve, as well as the products we promote, the cultural program we offer and the themes we present to our guests; resulting in a contact, an impression, an idea that is planted and may well grow into a new understanding of our mutual humanity.

The aim of All Nations Cafe is to introduce standards which build a certain atmosphere that allows our clients to shed the lower mentality of fear, hatred and prejudice at the door, and to try out a different state of mind. A mind that appreciates the beauty in man and allows him to engage with his fellow man on a human level.

Presently we operate our first cafe in East Jerusalem, at the foot of Mount of Olives next to Gethsemane church. The place is owned by a Muslim family and run by an inter-religious team (Jews, Christians, Muslims). We serve fair trade coffee and tea, and offer live concerts every week in different languages, as well as presentations of beautiful ideas, poem reading, workshops and celebration on religious and secular holidays. The place is open two afternoons a week (Fridays and Tuesdays). We are working voluntarily, investing our private money and time out of a passion and a choice to take responsibility of the state of affairs in this land and in this world.

We are looking for chefs, service givers, performers, as well as fund raisers, promoters and producers of All Nations events.

Please contact: allnationscafe@yahoo.com

or call 972-55-832495 and speak to Dhyan Or.

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