Dr. Richard Benkin

Richard Benkin chairs the international effort to free Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. His articles on Israel, Choudhury, and current events, including groundbreaking articles on Israel in the Bangladesh press, have appeared in Israel Insider, IMRA, and various publications on several continents. Benkin received his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania, and served on several faculties, producing professional papers and articles on ethnicity, Jewish history and culture, and his theory of social adaptations. He also published a sociology textbook.

He left academia for greater activism in various communal and business adventures. He is actively involved in various Jewish groups and pro-Israeli activities and listserves. He publishes extensively on those and other issues and has spoken before Jewish and Christian groups. Benkin's recently completed book-length manuscript, The Battle Beneath Jerusalem, is a novel synthesizing his extensive research on Jerusalem's Temple Mount. His current work, The Book of Miriam, retells the Exodus saga with Miriam as its hero. He also has exclusive rights to a book about his friend's struggle, which he will author after Mr. Choudhury is freed.

Richard Benkin is married, has a daughter in college, and resides in the Chicago area. He is also an analyst in the workers' compensation field.

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