New Palestine

By Aaron Bashani

President Bushís watershed speech of June 24th rejecting any PLO terrorist state, whether sovereign or not, now permits Israel to propose specific implementation steps that can cleanse our one Land of terrorism and violence. The Palestinian reign by terror has proven not only immoral but now manifestly a failed policy. Israelís war can now be effective with a clear, open policy and strategy to progressively replace the PLO stranglehold on Palestinian society and its public imagination. Entreaties that Israel re-open political discussions with Arafat and his terrorist gang from Tunis, thus re-solidifying the sins of Oslo, have been finally rejected by America as well as by Israel. Such suggestions received currency in the past only on the mistaken belief that there was no viable alternative.

There is, however, a political solution if we adopt a public policy to help create a New Palestine Polity, one that might even be worthy of state responsibilities in the future. For the first time there would be an alternative to both the current PLO power structure and to Hamas. Most important, this alternative does not require any existing Palestinian "partner" !! America itself has now called for a new partner.

Israel should encourage Palestinian escapees who would gladly flee oppressive and murderous PA control for safe-haven and resettlement elsewhere in our One Land -- Palestina/Eretz Yisrael. The debate over who owns this Land would give way to a commitment to make the Land and its people truly holy. Nothing would confirm the American rejection of PLO legitimacy more.

As different from the terrible Arab state treatment of the Palestinian refugees, Israel could resettle these escapees in Palestinian inhabited areas -- new settlements that would be held in trust for inclusion in New Democratic Palestine. It would be a Polity that all could live, rather than die for. Each new Palestinian settlement would offer a solution that would confound and threaten the PA.

In the beginning, only 100s would flee PA control, but eventually 1,000s would follow seeking freedom, respect, work, religious commitment to the sanctity of life, constructive education for their children and a chance to set up democratic structures for eventual adoption within Area A. In fact, New Palestine could eventually and progressively annex territories from Area A as the latter increasingly falls into internal sectarian conflict and chaos - a retroflow from the PAís own propagation of hate. The expanding citizenry of New Palestine would represent a new category of pioneers in the Holy Land, "building and being built in return". They would have voted freely with their feet against the terrorist PLO entity.

Enough monies are available for such a creative program starting with funds withheld or requisitioned from Arafat and the PA. Monies in PA bank accounts overseas should be returned to the people for New Palestine. More funds could be raised internationally by a "New Palestine National Fund".

Cooperative structures could be established between expanding Free Palestine and neighboring Jewish settlements as part of a New Palestine/Land of Israel. Support would flow in from pro-Israel forces around the world as New Palestine was seen as the noble Jewish and Christian thing to do.

Many Israeli Arabs would join in such a national program. All would know that the priority had shifted to an honorable and constructive solution for all the inhabitants of our One Land and total rejection of Arafatís …emigre Mafia and the millions of oppressed refugees it represents abroad. There would finally be an indigenous answer to the immorality of Arafatís three Iís -- indoctrination, incitement and intimidation. This public policy would reject apartheid by postulating two distinct, yet confederated self-governing polities. Jordan would grant New Palestine its tacit approval - a fitting consummation of its attack on the PLO in so-called "Black September".

All those Palestinian Arabs who would cooperate in recreating Palestine would be honored "Heroes of the Holy Land". They would be the first citizens of the future Holyland Confederation of Israel and New Palestine that would rise from the ashes of the Palestinian Authorityís police statelet. For the first time in two years of war, Israeli police and military action against terrorism would have a formidable, declared political objective - the natural basis for a psychological offensive with police and military action to support it !!

The essential message of New Palestine is that a third way exists between Jordan-is-Palestine and between creation of an Arafatian Terror State in the heart of this One Land. The PLO dictatorial regime, with or without Arafat, is a cancer in the Middle East that must be first circumscribed to Area A and then excised. This mortal concern goes way beyond simply not rewarding Arafat with territorial gains - "Land for Terror".

We can return to basics, undo the Greek Tragedy of Oslo and endow Israel with a humanist policy that would support security, peace and dignity for all the peoples of the Land.

The third way -- the creation of New Democratic Palestine -- rejects the conventional "wisdom" that there can be a permanent settlement with the PLO. Such "wisdom" is the bitter fruit of an absence of any declared national policy to replace Oslo. It also betrays our Zionist mission to rebuild the Land for all its inhabitants.

Help with creation of New Palestine is an especially fitting policy for National Union and for the Jewish People -- "one dunam and cow at a time" in keeping with the Socialist-Zionist maxim. And as Zeíev Jabotinsky wrote about our One Land, "All shall thrive in plenty and joy, the Children of Arabia, of Nazareth and My Child" - a motor force to transform the entire Middle East.

There is only one principal question. Not whether any Palestinians will accept this policy, but rather whether we Israelis have the understanding and fortitude to implement it. Our sordid treatment of the heroes of the South Lebanon Army is not encouraging. But, we too can change for the better as a people. What has been missing all these years is creative policy leadership to move Israeli civil society in support of a new noble Zionist Enterprise. What has changed is that we now have truly progressive American policy to build upon. We have the power to make the citizens of New Palestine and ourselves, true heroes of the Holyland. For both our sakes we dare not do otherwise, even if it take 50 years!

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