New Palestine

By Aaron Bashani

*** progressive polity-creation *** no partner required *** peace without negotiations ***


Implementation of this new political strategy, designed to help resolve the Palestinian problem, does not require:

any existing institutional partner,
"peace" negotiations,
one-sided separation.

Other rewards of the strategy:

offers the first Public Policy, openly promoted, that is both humane and not a sell-out to "Land for Terror";
allows parallel, non-public strategies (e.g. "cantonization") to fight the PA terror machine;
creates a real, publicly declared alternative to formation of a Palestinian state under PLO control - enemy of the entire civilized world;
its implementation, while of some duration, can start immediately;
can unite most of Israel and the Jewish People in a new Zionist mission to make the Land holy for all its peoples affirming both the sanctity of life and the dignity of man;
can attract international support, especially from America and even from Europe -- from Jew and Christian alike;
can unite large segments of both the Israeli Right and Left;
will create a strong opposition to the terrorist dictatorship of the PLO -- a Palestinian Arab opposition that is both self-affirming and conquering;
can be initiated in Judea-Samaria first, permitting Gaza for now to go its own way.

The strategy is based on the encouragement of escapees from the Palestinian Authority to new Arab settlements and communities inside Palestinian populated territories. These will be escapees from PA terror and dictatorship to a peaceful and democratic life. A few hundred Arab pioneers to create New Palestine will be easy to find. Israel will initially provide all necessary measures for their protection and will give them the opportunity to create a normal society. After the start of program implementation, other Palestinians will join. This will create the conditions for the formation of Arab democratic institutions for self-defense and cooperation among themselves and with Israel. Eventually existing Palestinian communities, with their territories, will be welcomed and helped to leave PA control to join New Palestine.

These new communities will grow into a real democratic opposition to the only terrorist dictatorship in the world that has none. Funds for such an enterprise can be mobilized worldwide in the framework of a "New Palestine National Fund".

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