As we were walking

Poem by Amos Shvueli


As we were walking down hill, step by easy step, the air was

Humming electricaly,

The wind wrapped itself up against our bare bodies, loving us


Breathless, we were looking straight onto horizon of such bluish

Depths as to blind a

Man, demanding his awareness of God and Himself, not for

One second asking him to

Choose between the two. Going down, we were feeling slightly high, devoid

Of need to touch

The ground for support or help, as if by will and determination

We can just

Decide on taking off up and away, straight into blueish nothingness, playing

Games of love and

Mating, reproducing myriad fantastic worlds at a glance.

Reaching the hill's top

Took heroic effort, a deed so demanding that

Words could hardly seem at place, a process milking us to absolute

Lack, of will, of power, of cognizance: now we have become

Mere sons of

Nature, controlled by swifty signals from nerves to muscles.

None of

Us was ready to accept his fate, being that near to extinction.

But the day began so nicely, our hearts were singing with the

Chimes of Flirting flowers and bowing trees, afloat as it were on

Southerly winds and

Wisps of light, frozen, remorseless air, as we were walking


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