The Swiss Example

My Cantonization suggestion was inspired by the Swiss constitution and daily practice (thus I indicated that it wasn't an original idea), then was strengthened in my mind by the American example (the autonomous elements in the Swiss Cantons are partially similar to some autonomous aspects that exist in the US member states. For example - the educational system is almost totally autonomous).

I chose to quote here the preamble of the Swiss constitution, which was modified and reaffirmed by a national census in 2000. Except the amazing opening line (what does God have to do with a secular, democratic constitution?), note the phrasing that manages to balance Unity with Diversity (my emphasis):


In the name of God Almighty!

We, the Swiss People and Cantons,

Whereas we are mindful of our responsibility towards creation;

Resolving to renew our alliance to strengthen liberty and democracy, independence and peace in solidarity and openness towards the world;

Determined to live our diversity in unity respecting one another;

Conscious of our common achievements and our responsibility towards future generations; and

Knowing that only those remain free who use their freedom, and that the strength of a people is measured by the welfare of the weakest of its members;

Therefore we adopt the following Constitution:

The main difference between Switzerland and Israel is, obviously, that our Declaration of Independence has no binding authority (fatal mistake of the founding fathers), while the Swiss constitution is, to the best of my knowledge, legally binding. And of course, the more significant difference is that north Europeans are descended from tribes that naturally accept discipline and respect the law (for better or worse), while the tribes gathered in this part of the world never think that the law applies to themselves, but rather to their neighbors...

The Cantons Suggestion

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