Prof. Ada Aharoni

IFLAC International President

The International Forum For The Literature and Culture Of Peace

Professor Ada Aharoni, writer, poet, playwright and lecturer, was born in Cairo, Egypt, and now lives in Haifa, Israel. She has published 25 books to date, that have won her international acclaim.
Ada Aharoni received her Bachelor Degree (B.A) in Literature and Sociology, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, her Master of Philosophy Degree (M.Phil.), at London University, and she was awarded her Doctorate Degree in Literature (Ph.D), on the Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature - Saul Bellow, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She lectured in the Department of English Literature at Haifa University, and at the University of Pennsylvania, and taught Sociology (Conflict Resolution), in the Department of Humanities, at the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), in Haifa.
She is the founder and editor of the Literary Magazine Galim: Waves (1987- 2003), and the online journal on the Internet, Horizon: Pave Peace. She is also the founder and editor of Lirit: Poetry Israel, of the Hebrew Writers Association, featuring major Israeli poets in English translation. She is the Vice President of this association, and the Head of its Foreign Relations committee.
She is also the founder and international president of IFLAC: PAVE PEACE, the International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace.
Aharoni has been awarded several international prizes and awards, among them are: The British Council Award, the Keren Amos President Award, the Haifa and Bremen Prize, The World Academy of Arts and Culture Award, the Korean Gold Crown of World Poets Award, the Rachel Prize, and the Merit Award of the HSJE: The Historical Society of the Jews from Egypt, for her "devoted and unmatched efforts to promote visionary literature and poetry proclaiming peace in the world." And in 1998, she was elected one of the hundred "World Heroines," in Rochester, New York, for her "outstanding literary works for the promotion of women and peace."

Books by Ada Aharoni

1. Whispered Thoughts - Haifa Publications, Haifa, Israel, 1970.
2. Poems from Israel - Outposts, Surrey, England, 1972.
3. Poems from Israel and Other Poems - Berger Publications, Pittsburgh, PA, 1974.
4. Metal and Violets - Eked, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1978.
5. From the Pyramids to Mount Carmel - Eked, T.A., Israel, 1979.
6. The Second Exodus: A Historical Novel - Bryn Mawr, PA, 1983.
7. Thea: To Alexandria, Jerusalem and Freedom - Bryn Mawr, PA, 1984.
8. Shin Shalom: New Poems - A Bilingual Edition, edited and translated from Hebrew to English by Ada Aharoni - Eked: Tel Aviv, 1985.
9. Saul Bellow: A Mosaic, ed. Ada Aharoni, G. Cronin and L. Goldman; Peter Lang, N.Y., N.Y, 1992.
10. Selected Peace Poems from Israel - Lachman, Haifa, 1992.
11. A Song to Life and to World Peace, ed. A. Aharoni, Mike Scheidemann et al. Posner and Sons, Jerusalem, 1993.
12. From the Nile to the Jordan - Tamuz, 1994, English Edition: M.Lachman, 1997.
13. Peace Flower: A Space Adventure - Lachman, Haifa, 1994, 1996.
14. Memoirs from Alexandria: Not In Your War Anymore - Hatikhon, G. Farah, Shfar-Am, 1997.
15. Galim Literary Magazine, nos 1 - 8, edited Ada Aharoni - Tammuz, Tel-Aviv 1985- 1996.
16. Waves of Peace: In the Memory of Yitzhak Rabin, Galim 8, edited Ada Aharoni and Judith Zilbershtein, Hatichon: Shfaram, 1997.
17. Peace Poems, A Bi-lingual Edition: Hebrew - Arabic - Preface and translation into Arabic by Professor M. Fawzi Deif, Cairo University, 1995. Hebrew edition: M. Lachman, Haifa, 1997.
18. Not In Vain: An Extraordinary Life - Ladybug Publishing, California, 1998.
19. Lirit: Poetry Israel, Founded and Edited by Ada Aharoni, Electronic Magazine on Internet, the Hebrew Writers Association, Agudat Ha-Sofrim Ha-Ivrim,Tel Aviv, no. 1- 1997, no.2 - 1998.
20. Horizon: Pave Peace, Online Magazine, nos.1 - 5. IFLAC- IPRA, 1996 - 2003.
21. Metal et Violettes: (In French), Characteres, Paris, 1996.
22. Du Nil Au Jourdain: (In French), Stavit, Paris, 2002.
23. You and I Can Change the World: Toward 2000, Micha Lachman, Haifa, 1999.
24. Women Create A World Beyond War and Violence, Micha Lachman, Haifa, 2002.
25. Three E-Books and C.D's: 1. You and I, 2. Peace Flower, 3. Women and Peace, Rowe Publications, England, 2003.
26. Selected Poems: Bilingual, Chinese English, The Milky Way, Hong Kong, 2002.


Poems By Prof. Ada Aharoni

From the Nile to the Jordan - A Book By Prof. Ada Aharoni

You and I Can Change the World - A Book By Prof. Ada Aharoni

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