Activists for Israeli Civil Society (ICS)

The organization of activists for Israeli Civil Society (ICS) was founded in 2000, in order to implement a new, threefold, social order in the state of Israel. Our conception of social threefolding is implemented by means of these values, goals, and projects:


• Freedom in the third, cultural-civil sector
• Equality in the second, governance-politicdal sector
• Brotherhood (cooperation) in the first, economic-business sector


• Self-organization of Israeli Civil Society, as a third social sector, conscious of its place and roles in Israeli society
• Implementation threefolding in the three social sectors of the state of Israel


1. In the third, spiritual-cultural, sector, ICS operates now on four parallel levels:
   i. Creation of a nation-wide citizens movement, composed of individual citizens.
   ii. creation of locale-regional citizens councils (see in our website the call for the Galilee citizensí council).
   iii. creation of a national citizens assembly, that will represent the spiritual-cultural sector, over against the political and economic sectors.
   iv. creation of a non-profit, "social bank", to support valuable economic and cultural enterprises.

2. In the second, governance-political, sector, ICS operates in two areas:
   i. Advocacy in the filed of legislation, aiming to complete the bill of the dignity and freedom of the individual, with the bill concerning the individual social rights, in order to make the two bills into the pillars of the future Israeli constitution (Israel has no constitution yet).
   ii. Bringing the threefolding concept and practice to the knowledge of elected representatives, from all parties, in the national and locale governments.

3. In the first, economic, sector, ICS operates to create "economic associations" (or "communities"), that will bring together producers, consumers, and traders, to form common economic judgments and practice; instead of the "economic war" that prevails now between the three, the economic communities will foster solidarity, cooperation, and general welfare.

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