Dear friends at HopeWays,

Thank you for writing.

Since you are for peace and tolerance and dialog, I hope that you will add a link to Mideastweb at your site - - MideastWeb for Coexistence balanced information & dialog resources.

I think that the articles regarding peace at your site are interesting.

Various binational state and confederation ideas and one-state solutions have been around for a long time.

In each case we have to ask whether the real goal is peace or vanquishing the other side. Sami Aldeeb wants a one-state solution too. It will be a "secular democratic state" with an Arab majority. I think that this solution will ultimately end by denying the right to self-determination to one side or another.

One state solutions and federation solutions need to explain how they are going to get Arabs and Jews to work together in one state, if we cannot even get them to live along side each other in two states.

The moral of the story is that political solutions such as Beilin's or the solutions at your site are not the answer. Until there is peace in the hearts of both sides, there can be no solution, and once there is peace, then it will not matter so much what is the solution.


Ami Isseroff

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