Dear Dr. Mosaad,

I was most impressed with your article: "Geneva Accord: A Popular Initiative?" I absolutely agree with you that "It is the public, not the political authorities, who can understand and accept or, on the other hand, deny and refuse any future agreement."

But you are also right in pointing out that "A recent poll showed that when it comes down to details, the majority of both Israelis and Palestinians, which certainly wants "peace" would vote against a peace accord."

The most important question is probably: Why? If most ordinary people in our region yearn for peace, why do they resent most "peace plans" designed by the present political establishments?

I believe that there is something inherently wrong with the basic concepts that guide these "peace models". Most of them are based on Western notions that are simply unsuitable for the Orient. To chop the Holy Land into pieces, deport civilians from their homes, force both communities to abandon their deepest aspirations and erect fortified walls between neighbours - are all acts of violence and hatred, that cannot possibly lead to mutual acceptance and true reconciliation.

Many people would have us believe that this is an "Either-Or", "Black-or-White" situation: Either we accept the separation model, or we are doomed to fight forever. The partition concept has dominated political thinking since the UN resolution of 29th November 1947, then went on with 242, 338, then Camp David 1, Oslo, Camp David 2, the Road Map and now in Geneva. They all meant well, but how many times do we need to repeat the same experiment that always results in horrible bloodshed and tremendous anguish?

There are other ways to address the problem! Not one or two, but many! What we really need is both human contact between our communities, and fresh, innovative design discussions between creative thinkers on all sides.

Some examples of both paths can be found in a new web site, which I have the pleasure to volunteer in: HopeWays - Alternative National Design Forum ( May I invite you to take a look at our "Peace Voices" and "Dialogue Corner" sections? I hope that you will agree to add your voice to our forum.

Salam - Shalom - Peace to all children of Abraham!

Ehud Tokatly

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