Dr. Cox on discrimination

I'm also not sure that the word I chose, discrimination, is the best choice. I used that term only because that's the recognized name in America for anti-black, anti-Hispanic, anti-gay, or anti-Jewish prejudice. The term seems out of context in the Mideast context, where the word has to stretch to encompass the anti-Islamic feelings of the early Israeli settlers as well as the "throw the Jews into the sea" discrimination of the Islamist extremists.

But the point of the article isn't what word is used, but to show that

1) The root cause of this conflict is an abstract feeling that is equally present on both sides; the desire to prevent the other fellow from achieving their own objectives. The ideal of a "Jewish State" is fine for Jews, but discriminates against all other religions if only in name but not in deed. The same goes for an "Islamic State". Of course there are plenty of discriminatory deeds too, on both sides of this conflict.

2) That fully comparable injustices, fueled by similar discriminatory prejudices, have been surmounted many times as in the several instances I gave in the article. This tis the real message of the article, that if others have done it, it might be done here too.

I really don't see how that message could be challenged, although I agree it seems most unlikely at this point. As I said in the FAQ, the probable outcome is yet another win-lose confrontation in which one side or the other loses everything. I only hope it doesn't take the rest of the world down with it when it goes.

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