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The Devil's "Religious" Disciples

There is indeed hope for mobilizing Moslem, Christian and Jewish religious forces in the Holy Land for the common battle to sanctify our one Land and all the inhabitants hereof.

An American general recently stated: "The enemy in the fight with Islamic extremism is Satan". He could have added to his defense of Judeo-Christian religious values against evil, that terrorism is also in conflict with the true values of Islam.

The world has woken up to the destructive nature of "Islamic" fanaticism and its propagation of terrorism. Various Arab regimes over the years have left no moldy stone unturned in their efforts to destroy fanatical movements and their so-called religious leaders. The name "extremist" is too nice a term for the latter who intentionally attack civilians for political purpose.!

The fact that this monster has raised its venomous head in the Holy Land and among so-called Moslems should lead us to seek new understanding of this phenomenon from a purely Moslem perspective.

It should be made clear to all that only the Devil himself would be so devious as to possess various Moslem religious leaders in order to espouse terrorism, falsify the Koran and its message of submission to God's will. In this they stand in opposition to the brotherhood of man and the sanctity of human life. Surely, the Moslem Chechnian terrorists who took over the Moscow theatre with the slogan, "we honor death more than you honor life" were not speaking from a true Moslem perspective. Just the opposite.

Moslem tradition reports that Mohammed himself was confronted by Satan and was able to overcome the diabolical attempt to sanctify pagan verses that would have thus been included in the Koran ("The Satanic Verses"). How much weaker are sundry Moslem clerics in their encounter with Evil. It is not by chance that exorcism of genies ("jinns") is a long-standing tradition in Islam. It postulates that the evil person is not a devil but rather is possessed.

From a Moslem perspective, such clerics' terrorist sermons of death and destruction could have no other fiendish purpose than to destroy Islam itself. What could be the Devil's grand scheme? To attempt to thwart any chance of Moslem partnership with Judaism and Christianity. In doing this, the Devil is seeking to prevent the greater glory of all three major monotheistic faiths.

True tripartite religious partnership in the Holy Land and around the Middle East would help make God's word manifest and respected in the world. What more could a Moslem want and deserve than respect? To some it is dearer than life itself. It is not through the devil-possessed that Islam will gain respect. It is not through them that Islam will radiate in the world. Just the opposite.

As we become further involved in seeking new peaceful constructs for democratic governance in the Middle East, we should contemplate the threat to all of Evil's fanatics fulminating in Islamic garb. We should find new ways to help bring this into general Moslem religious consciousness. Exorcism, properly applied to the Devil's disciples, can work wonders. So let democratic intelligence address its precepts.

The war against terrorism is indeed also a religious and spiritual one, not of one religion against another but of all the truly reverent against manifest evil. On this all should speak out.

Aaron Bashani, 25/December/2003

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