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The World is screaming for Peace through justice. Justice hears and sets up court in the center of the world, where it all began. She asks the Prosecutor to present his case.

The Prosecutor: Your honor, the Palestinians were forced into exile because of Zionist policies. Between 1947 and 1948, 600,000 people were left homeless and stateless. The UN ruled in 1948 that Palestinians were World refugees. Gandhi and Desmond Tutu spoke of Israel as an apartheid state. Amnesty International proved that Israelis violate human rights. The UN ruled that the Sharon's apartheid wall infringes on Palestinian lands, hence must come down. My case is solid and supported by UN rulings and the compassionate and humanist policies of the European Union.

Justice: Indeed, your case sounds legally solid, but is it just? Are you motivated by anti-Semitic feelings?

Prosecutor: We are not anti-Semites, your honor. I am Jewish and my co-chair is a Palestinian Arab, we are Semites. However, we are not Zionists. We are pointing out the crimes of Zionism, not of Judaism. All my advisors are righteous men and women, united by our ecumenism and sense of justice.

Justice: Appearances are often deceiving; so let me ask you about your ideology?

Prosecutor: Madam Justice, I am a humanist who seeks equality, liberty and fraternity for all.

Justice: You claim to be a humanist but are you humanitarian? Where were you when Jews were exiled from Arab countries between 1947 and 1967? Did you protest or say it was inhumane?

Prosecutor: Your honor, they were Zionists. Each country had criminal trials and only the guilty ones were forced to leave. Egypt's President Nasser rounded up and imprisoned only foreigners. As Zionists they were the cause of their own demise.

Justice: You mention Nasser but not Sadat, who made peace with Israel. Why? Was Sadat a Zionist? Were all the 980,000 Jews of the Arab world (including Iranian Jews and Karaites) guilty of Zionism?

Prosecutor: Were they not? Did they not go to Israel?

Justice: Without any citizenship, or passports, and only $20.00 in each pocket, where else could they go?

Prosecutor: A Zionist lie. They took all their money.

Justice: You mention the wall of apartheid in Israel. What about the "walled city" where Jews were taken to in Yemen, the prisons in the Muslim world, the walled ghettos in Europe and the most infamous concentration camps? The very world you defend and call humanist and compassionate turned a blind eye. Why?

Prosecutor: I am not here to represent the EU, or defend the Arab or Muslim position. I am here seeking justice for Palestinians. To demand a homeland!

Justice: Do Jews deserve a homeland? You stated in this court that you support religious and ethnic pluralism. Could you please tell me how many Jews live under Arafat, in Saudi Arabia, or in the Muslim World?

Prosecutor: There is a Jewish presence, I am sure, but no Zionists are left.

Justice: Only a few thousand Jews are left in the pan-Arabic world. Who defends the rights of Jews, and of Israelis?

Prosecutor: My mandate is to plea for the oppressed Palestinians against Zionism, and Israelis are all Zionists, hence guilty.

Justice ponders this logic: No Jews live in Israel, only Zionists. Therefore the Jewish State of Israel is guilty by definition...

After much thought, Justice reads her verdict:

Justice is impartial. She sees, hears and listens to all sides. Justice is not blind. She covers her eyes to see all hearts.

Justice! The Greeks saw Justice as a goddess and a virtue. She sat as a virtue by Solomon's throne. She guided Cleopatra in her quest to remain free of Rome.

The Romans forsook her when they destroyed the Second Temple, exiled the Jewish elite and put the Jewish world in disarray. Yet some Jews stayed in Israel, callously renamed Palestine, and deemed a defeated province of Rome. The descendants of Roman Justice and Peace used Justice to justify the exile and murder of Jews. Yes, a grave injustice was done to Jews, by the Caesarian adage: "Divide and conquer".

Justice was absent when Jews were forced to live in walled cities, ghettos, prisons or camps while in exile in the East or the West. For many centuries, I never heard Jews scream for Justice to intervene, only praying gently to God: Next Year in Jerusalem...

Justice has heard the Wailing World's complaints, walled behind cynicism, anger, jealousy and hate. Yet they scream for Peace though Justice...

I say: Humanists, break down your wall! Listen to the mothers who want to speak out against the glorification and justification of suicide bombers. You corrupt children who trust us with open hearts. You might be humanists but not humanitarians, because Justice sees, feels and acknowledges with compassion the pain of the other. Justice is not selfish!

You scream Justice, Justice, Justice. But I hear your heart and motivation:

Just us! JUST US, and not them...

Celine Leduc, 12/August/2004

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