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From Within the Straits to the Way of Hope

National Mourning and Alternative Morning

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According to a mystical legend, it is on the very day that the Holy Temple was destroyed that the Messiah was born. The link between national calamity and redemption of the people is a recurring motive in the Jewish tradition. We are guided to find the seeds of salvation in the midst of distress.

Thus, we instate the site "HopeWays" at its permanent address, right toward the beginning of Av, the month of destruction, which is also the month of consolation.

The current days in the Jewish calendar, described as being "Within the Straits", symbolize for us the harsh and worrying processes that cast our society into repetitive crises. As opposed to the mood of gloom, resignation and despair - we wish to light a beacon of hope. What is our hope? - that in the midst of the current darkness there exists for each and every one of us, one's way to create a new, different morning.

We believe that each individual can change the course of events, promote forsaken values and ideals, and contribute to shaping the future of his people.

It seems that our plight had to aggravate in many fields - in culture, economy, security, administration, legal system, human relations - before a move of profound repair could gain the necessary momentum.

The current forms of conduct in our society and country have let us down. We have reached the present situation by sticking to these patterns. At the same time, new ideas are mostly blocked, resisted, even scorned or put off and ignored. Indeed, there is no guarantee for any new idea that it is positive and beneficial - but it is clear to us that visions and plans which people try to present, are normally not examined at their own merit. This may reflect a fear of any change, or perhaps an attempt to protect the interests of powerful groups.

Progress in paths of hope is even harder when each individual attempts to act alone. We have undertaken to bring together people who wish to try new ideas, thus creating a sort of community that acts for our common good. In our community, the HopeWays Forum, we shall raise new ideas, examine them - together and with the public - conduct a dialogue between various needs and diverse approaches - yet co-operate in acting for our own good and for the sake of our society.

We shall not strive to formulate a right, certified, collective ideology. We aim to allow for a free and fair discussion of diverse, even conflicting ideas, in a spirit of true dialogue. We shall also introduce individual and group initiatives that undertake to work for our fellow humans and for society as a whole. Each of our visitors can choose what to support and which cause to work for.

You can also help - through your very interest, by joining our discussions or raising new issues, by participating in various activities, by sending us more information and by referring your friends to visit our website: "HopeWays".

The Editors, 20/July/2003

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