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The UN's Selective Impotence?

The UN's flaccid response to the ongoing atrocities and genocide in Sudan is unforgivable, especially in the wake of the recent commemoration of the Rwandan genocide.

The commemoration focused horrified international attention on the 1994 genocide in which over 800,000 were hacked to death while the world and the UN looked on. But the UN did worse than sit idly by. General Romeo Dallaire who commanded the UN peacekeeping force in Rwanda told CNN that when it was clear what was about to happen, he appealed to the UN for reinforcements to stop the killings. Instead the Security Council callously cut his force from 2,500 troops to 450 poorly trained and ill-equipped men. He is still haunted by the SC's cold-blooded response.

During commemoration week, BBC TV showed heartrending scenes of departing UN and Belgian troops as they abandoned Rwandans, some of whom had worked closely with them.

The head of UN peacekeeping at the time was present Secretary General Kofi Annan. In a commemoration day speech Anan lamely accepted institutional and personal blame for not doing more to prevent the Rwandan slaughter and backed the Rwandan government's call for the world to remember the victims and prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again.

But these words have a cynical hollow ring as the UN repeats its sins by doing nothing to stop appalling massacres, still raging in Africa; most blatantly, the genocide in Sudan, where over 2 million Black Africans have been killed and about 5 million have become refugees. Where, even now, over 1,000 in the Darfur region are killed each week. Last December alone, an estimated 30,000 people fled to neighboring Chad. And the UN does nothing but talk.

As recently as April 15, Nicolas Kristof in NYT described how Arab Janjaweed militia, shoot men and rape women and how parents are allowed by the militia to choose how their children would die: burned alive or shot to death?

And the UN does nothing.

Not that massacres and slavery in Sudan have been unknown to the UN. The genocidal war has been ongoing for 20 years and more. In March 1993 the UN Comite For The Elimination Of The Racial Discrimination met in Geneva to discuss the atrocities then prevalent in Sudan. Apart from talk, the UN did nothing.

In 1994 Gaspar Biro, a UN investigator reported not only on the genocide in the Sudan but about abduction of children and women for slavery. The UN did nothing.

In 1990, Human Rights Watch published a report entitled "The Forgotten War in Darfur Flares Again," The UN did nothing.

In 1998, the National Islamic Front in the Arab, Muslim north declared Jihad on the predominantly Christian and animist south. The UN did nothing.

All the while the Sudanese government has been actively acquiring sophisticated weaponry. The north is oil rich and newly discovered deposits enable Khartoum to buy more guns and bombs for use in its ethnic cleansing of Christians and animists. And the UN does nothing.

Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists are welcomed in Khartoum. The inhuman atrocities continue to this day. The UN does nothing but talk.

Last March, the BBC reported that Mukesh Kapila, UN coordinator for Sudan told of yet another mass rape in west Sudan. He described the conflict as the worst humanitarian situation in the world. "It is more than just a conflict. It is an organized attempt to do away with a group of people," he said.

And still the UN does nothing - not even hinting at a ban on weapon sales or other sanctions as it does with monotonous regularity in regard to Israel.

Sudan is just one instance of violent conflicts across the world from Algeria, to Uzbekistan, the Phillipines, Chechnya, Nigeria and Sri Lanka, all sponsored by extreme Islamic fundamentalism. Whether it is the National Islamic Front in Sudan, Al Qaeda, Hamas or Hezbolla, they have one thing in common - their ambition to convert all unbelievers to Islam and impose their extreme version of Islam on the world.

And the UN does nothing. .

It seems obvious that the otherwise virile UN's, selective impotence manifests itself primarily in matters relating to the war on terror and in those relating to Israel and Jews. The UN's Commission on Human Rights reports regularly on discrimination against Muslims and Arab peoples, but when a draft resolution on anti-Semitism was proposed last December, member states were suddenly unable to consummate their commitment to prevent racial discrimination. Arab and Muslim opposition forced withdrawal of the motion.

The UN's flaccidity in dealing with Islamic terror was glaringly demonstrated when for 11 months it vehemently denied the existence of a videotape of Hezbollah's abduction of three Israeli soldiers. When the cover-up was eventually exposed, the UN, under pressure, made available a heavily edited tape in which the terrorists were protected by blurring their faces.

Any investigator following the evidence can conclude only that this consistent behavior results from the disproportionate influence of the Arab bloc. Quite a conclusion in the face of the many wild allegations of disproportionate Jewish influence on world politics.

Maurice Ostroff, 20/May/2004

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