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Whose "Ethnic Cleansing"?

One of the major causes of the current wave of modern anti-Semitism in Europe, is the Palestinian propaganda that produces the anti-Jewish climate. To combat this basic source, the truth must be revealed about the banishment of the Jews from Arab countries. The world has only heard about the injustice caused to the Palestinian refugees and almost nothing about the plight of the Jews from Arab countries, mainly from Egypt, Iraq and Syria. Let us compare them:

1) Whereas the Palestinians refugees numbered 700,000 in 1948, the Jewish refugee from Arab countries were more - 900,000.

2) The property that the Jews were forced to leave in Arab countries, both private and communal, was much vaster than that which the Palestinians left behind in Israel (Documented by the International Court at The Hague).

3) There was practically an "ethnic cleansing" of Jews in Arab countries. Just very few Jews are left there today. Egyptian Jewry, for instance, numbered 100,000 in 1948, but only 38 live there today. There was no "ethnic cleansing" of Palestinians in Israel, as they constitute 20% of Israel's citizens.

Explaining these facts has many boons:

1) The turning from bias to fairness, justice and veracity.

2) Realising that they were not the only ones who have suffered, Palestinians may become less intransigent.

3) Seeing that their heritage is taken into account, the Jews from Arab countries and their descendants, who are today almost half of Israel, may be more inclined to make concessions for the sake of peace.

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Prof. Ada Aharoni, 26/February/2004

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