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The Trinity - In One Day

One: "...He is against contacts with Syria... against improving conditions for the Palestinians... against changing the location of the security fence... even against Premier Sharon's declaration that the occupation is damaging us... he simply doesn't like the term 'occupation'... he is against the left... against the demand that Sharon resigns if he is legally charged..." and he also "sees no chance for peace..."

What, then, is his 'vision'? "...I don't rule out the possibility (to run for the office of prime-minister)."

Thus says security minister Shaul Mofaz. ("Yediot Aharonot", 30th January, 2004)

The Other: He is in favour of the idea that "in the next decades, the two nations will have to live in some sort of a bi-national state... the Palestinian inhabitants in the territories want only one thing - to live peacefully in their places of residence' to survive and rehabilitate themselves economically, socially, psychologically..."

The Palestinian national movements will abandon its dream of sovereignty - says Prof. Hisham Awartani, a liberal economist who divides his time between Ramallah and Harvard University.

In his lecture at the Interdisciplinary Institute of Herzliya, he said that the 'Roadmap' is an illusion, an imaginary plan, created by people who are detached from reality on the ground. By its very pessimistic approach, the notion of 'two states for two peoples' and 'two economies for two nations' - has finally died. In his view, the concept of partition is not a viable option anymore. ("Mamon" supplement, "Yediot Aharonot", 30th January, 2004)

And Reality: All (Palestinian - E.K.) inhabitants of the (Jerusalem) area have no idea what to expect in the future. The route of the security fence becomes clear only when they receive orders to evacuate land or have buildings demolished... The position of the fence in Jerusalem is dictated by a political rationale, not a security one." (Lily Galilly, "Haaretz", 30th January, 2004)

The Future: Current reality is harsh. Not only for Palestinians, but for all people, of all religions, nationalities, genders and ages. Not only in the Jerusalem area, but throughout the country. The choice is between The One Way or The Other Path:

One Way: The dangerous road, is the sick vision of the politician who aggressively seeks a career, craving to achieve the personal ambition of himself and the man who promoted him to power (Yitzhak Mordechai). It may come true...

The Other Path: The sensible, moral, humane choice is to establish a political condominium - "The United States Of Israel And Palestine" (see the full proposal in this web site's 'Peace Voices' section) - a model for two nations living together, building a shared future of equality, in a state where each nation enjoys separate independence, but share the sovereignty over the whole land, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River.

This way leads to a new reality and bright future - to ways of hope, of peace and of social renewal and economic prosperity - for all humans in this land.

Prof. Ervin Y. Kedar, 12/February/2004


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