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The Great Danger

Of The Glorification Of Suicide Bombers

The Webster Dictionary defines "Art" as: "making or doing of things that display form, beauty, and unusual perception." It is clear that this definition does not fit the Palestinian suicide bomber installation, "Snow White and the Madness of Truth" by the Swedish "pseudo - artists" Dror Feiler, and Gunilla Skold Feiler. The installation shows a photo of a smiling woman, 29-year-old trainee lawyer Hanadi Jaradat, who appears as the sail on a boat in a basin filled with red water, symbolizing blood. The exhibit is accompanied by the JS Bach cantata "My Heart Is Swimming In Blood," to add more emotional tension.

This repulsive installation is far from being a work of art, and it moreover constitutes a serious danger to the free world. Despite Feiler's protest that he is against suicide bombings, its hinted adulation functions as a glorification of the suicide bomber, who is presented to be as pure as "Snow White". However, instead of being a pure heroic figure from a children's legend, Hanadi is in reality a monster denuded of any humane feelings, who has caused the death of 21 innocent victims, enjoying their Sabbath lunch with their families and their babies. She carried out her atrocious suicide attack at the beachfront Maxim's restaurant in October 2003 - one of the bloodiest in a series of suicide bombings by Palestinian terrorists.

Due to the possible emotional impact of their work, artists should be doubly aware that the glorification of the murderer can have a great impact and influence. This is evident not only in art but also in literature. The National Palestinian Poet, Mahmoud Darwish, is responsible of the same tragic mistake, as Feiler did, when he writes in one of his well-known poems: "The Suicide Bomber (the Shahid), teaches me: there is no beauty except freedom." The adulation of the Shahid is evident. This irresponsible attitude by a poet who has a great influence on his Palestinian brothers and sisters, leads to the glorifying of the "shahid" as a hero, or heroine, instead of condemning him or her, as an enemy of humanity and of his/ her own people. It furthermore perpetuates suicide bombings as acts that have to be lauded, instead of horrifying actions that should be condemned and totally banned.

This kind of irresponsible adulation and glorification of the "Shahid - Suicide Bomber," gives a backing to the following very dangerous and ominous kind of pronouncements:

"She is not going to be the last [suicide bomber] because the march of resistance will continue until the Islamic flag is raised, not only over the minarets of Jerusalem, but over the whole universe. It is not enough to call her a hero. Calling her a hero does not give the whole truth. This woman abandoned her husband and children in order to win paradise."—Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar, giving the eulogy for Hamas' first female suicide bomber, Reem al-Rayashi. (National Post, Jan. 16, 2004).

Not only Israel, but the whole world should heed such ominous warnings of destruction of the democratic world. We are clearly told that it is the "whole universe" that is threatened by suicide bombings (which of course includes Stockholm too), until the whole world becomes Islamic!

Feiler's horrifying installation, was damaged by Zvi Mazel, Israel's ambassador to Sweden, who denounced the work as "obscene" and a "monstrosity", saying it insulted the victims' families. The ambassador's protest occurred at the opening of the "Making Differences" exhibition - part of a forthcoming international anti-genocide conference hosted by the Swedish Government and to which Israel had been invited.

Mr. Mazel, by his undiplomatic act, seems to have broken the conspiracy of silence over the wave of anti-Semitism that is recently dangerously sweeping over Europe. His emotional action was condemned, instead of having the condemnation pointed at the "madness" of the inadvertent responsible organizers who included such a callous and monstrous exhibit as part of an anti-genocide conference.

What should we do to protect our world from a constant invasion of suicide bombers, who will not rest until our whole modern civilization becomes Islamic, as warned by Hamas leader, Mahmoud Zahar?

The answer is obviously that we should protect our culture and our civilization and ourselves, by all the means we can. We should remind our artists and writers that they should create art that builds and does not destroy. We should remember that we can reach those young people before the suicide bombing poison is poured into their inadvertent minds, through television, internet and electronic programs spreading peace culture, peace education, and all other means possible. We should totally condemn the horrible carnage of innocent people, under the banner of pseudo "heroism", and call on the UN and all the governments and conscientious people in the world to cry aloud "No!" to these murderous suicide bombers, and to condemn them as enemies of humanity. We have to divulge their real identity, not as "sacrificial heroes" as they are hailed by fanatic extremists, and by "pseudo-artists," but as the tools of pernicious forces that are against life and against peace.

Suicide bombings will not lead to the creation of a Palestinian State so yearned-for by the Palestinian people, and by many of the Israeli people, but only to the continuation of the abominable cycle of destruction and tragedy, and to the closing of the opportunity for ending the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Suicide Bombings, and their adulation and glorification by artists and "pseudo – artists," as well as writers, are a serious drawback to the creation of peace between Israelis and Palestinians and to the ending of the conflict between those two ancient brothers, sons of Abraham.


A general and powerful Campaign against Suicide Bombings and the glorifying of Suicide Bombings through art and literature, should be initiated and coordinated by the UN in conjunction with all the governments in the world, institutions, organizations and NGO's. This can save modern democratic civilization from the impending danger of continuous attacks by suicide bombers, and give a fair chance to the Road Map and the Road to Peace between Palestinians and Israelis, which can lead to a fruitful and harmonious resolution of the Palestinian Israeli Conflict.

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Prof. Ada Aharoni, 29/January/2004

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