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Women Who Yearn For Peace Can Make Bad Moves

The "Women Who Watch the Israeli Checkpoints" do it out of humanitarian goals, and are indeed doing a good job. However, as the Hamas and Jihad have not recognized Israel, the motto of these voluntary women: "No to the checkpoints", can unfortunately mean the destruction of Israel.

The Jihad and Hamas who send Terrorists and Suicide Bombers to attack innocent civilians on buses, in restaurants, and children in schools in Israel are saying: ISRAEL SHOULD NOT EXIST, and when this is the case, the checkpoints are crucial, though the checking should be done in a humanitarian and civil way.

Only a while ago, a forty-year old Palestinian woman, mother of seven children, wearing an ammunition explosive belt, crossed the checkpoint. She then swiftly handed the belt to her two terrorist colleagues who were waiting for her on the Israeli side. The two men were on their way to blowing up a school with all the children in it, in Rosh Ha Ayin, when they were fortunately arrested. The woman was not checked, as the soldiers at the checkpoint thought that an adult woman like her could not be a murderess of innocent people. We can just imagine what could have happened if she and her two Jihad and Hamas colleagues would have succeeded in their horrendous suicide bombing plan.

Parallel to the above, women of good intentions and who yearn for peace between Israelis and the Palestinians, sometimes make bad and fatal moves. Several of us are acquainted with the movement that calls upon Israelis to resist military service - not to refuse specific acts - but simply to refuse service, run by New Profile, ostensibly because they are against violence. The person most associated with that group is Dorothy Naor.

Being against violence is a laudable stance, however, Ms. Naor it seems, is not really against all violence. There is an outrageous petition to allow suicide bombings by Palestinians as "legitimate resistance."
To A Suicide Bomber

Deluded, brainwashed suicide bomber

they lied to you

when they brainwashed you

with sleek murderous words

in their stupendous "shahid" washing machines

where they only wash young brains like yours

with bomb-flamed slogans

and rat poison soap-suds

They lied to you when they told you -

you will surely go to heaven

when you courageously blow yourself up,

and kill many, many innocent people -

they lied to you,

and you did not have the courage

to ask them: "if so,

why don't you go?"

(Ada Aharoni)


I do not understand how Israelis can sign such a Petition which condones suicide bombings. Among the women who have signed the Petition, Dorothy Naor is number 26! Here is what she says on the Petition to explain herself:

26. Dorothy Naor: I do agree that there is a considerable difference between youngsters who have no future and no present and only a miserable past who allow themselves to be used, and other sorts of terrorism. Israel.

She is in good company, for number 45 is:

45. Ahmad Yassin: Death to Israel! Palestine.

And number 44 is:

44. Osama Bin-Laden: Death to America! Saudi Arabia.

It is unbelievable that an Israeli, would sign a petition in favor of suicide bombings, but it is a fact! The petition has also redefined antisemitism in the way that is customary among certain antisemites. This petition can be seen and read on:

The petition begins: "Relating to Simon Wiesenthal Center's latest campaign, 'urging to take the lead in making every suicide bombing - whoever the perpetrator and wherever the victim - a crime against humanity.'; we ask for stating difference between those attacks done with Goal of killing, and those done under occupation asking for its end!"

There are other much more effective ways to resist the occupation, such as for instance the peaceful methods of Gandhi and Luther King, which were more effective than the murderous methods this horrifying petition propagates.

I suggest to these women of goodwill to write and sign petitions against Terror and Suicide Bombings instead of the one above, and to appeal to all the Arab countries as well as to all the Palestinian factions, to follow the example of Egypt and Jordan, in recognizing and signing Peace Treaties with Israel. Then we would not need checkpoints, and life for both the Israelis and the Palestinians would be more peaceful and fruitful.

Prof. Ada Aharoni , 1/January/2004


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